The Chairman’s 110% Club

Then there’s our recognition programme and incentives for our hard-working employees with the Chairman’s 110% Club: in this context there is, for example, the opportunity of winning a trip to Atlanta HQ of ABM for the top performers in the organisation.

In order to encourage and develop our staff we have the Chairman’s “110% Club”, a reward scheme to show appreciation for those who go the extra mile.

Let us share with you a recent event that happened at British Airways Terminal 5 on Friday 26th July 2013 where we received an email from the British Airways management involving two of our PRM Agents and truly brings home the value of the 110% Club.​

Hello Dave,

I am writing to let you know of the excellent service that I and 2 BA customers received from Abdi Hassan and Ali Hammadi on the evening of 25th July, 2013.

Abdi was on his way home when he saw a colleague of his taking 2 non English speaking customers who were going to be spending the night in Terminal 5. Sadly one customer was a 76 year old female accompanied by a 13 year old boy. They had been travelling for many hours as they flew from Algeria to Madrid, Madrid to London. I was in the area and enquired as to the circumstances leading to these customers spending the night in the terminal, before travelling to Washington on the 26th July.

Abdi stayed approximately 2 hours past his shift finish time doing his best to provide translation services for me and my colleagues, who at the start, had genuine concerns about the safety and wellbeing of these two vulnerable customers.

Although Abdi is a fluent Arabic speaker, he had to work hard to gain the trust of the young lad who, at one point, was sobbing as he spoke with his dad in Algeria. Abdi helped to bridge the huge cultural gap which existed, enabling us to offer the best care for these customers. As if his language contribution was not valuable enough, I later realised that Abdi had not taken the time to break his fast, this being the Holy month of Ramadan.

As the night/early morning progressed and we tried to unravel this situation, another member of your team, Ali joined us as we tried to make contact with the relatives either in Algeria or in Washington. When we were finally able to contact the responsible relative in the US, Ali took personal responsibility for handling a very delicate matter involving the elderly female. He also agreed to take the customers to the Sofitel Hotel. There, after assisting with getting them checked in, he learnt that meals were not included in the booking paid for by their US relative. In an extraordinary gesture of kindness, Ali walked the long distance to Marks and Spencer and used his own money to purchase food for the customers.

I had the opportunity to say thank you to both of these gentlemen but I wanted you to know about the stars that you have in your team. This is what genuine partnership looks like!

Regards, Janine.

Upon this feedback both were recognised and requested to attend the Chairman’s Office to be praised for their acts of kindness and bringing home the culture of Omni Serv’s “ Legendary” service. Both employees were rewarded personally by the Chairman and also by Heathrow Airports Management team for them both going that extra mile.

Our staff performance is measured by customer feedback cards either by prepaid customer comment card or by completing a short survey on the PRM Agents for which they are awarded points to their 110% account.

Those Agents who obtain 110 points across the year are eligible to join the 110% Club.

Feedback from airlines, Airport Authority or letters from the public all contribute to their performance measure. which make them eligible to join the 110% club:

The Scheme includes the below key criteria such as:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Appearance
  • Customer Comment Cards returned
  • Exceptional Customer Service Moments
  • Kudos Cards
  • The Top 50 employees and their partners attended a ceremony lunch
  • Top 5 employees get an all-expenses paid trip to visit the Atlanta HQ of Air Serv and Airport Operations at Atlanta Airport and free time to enjoy the city.