Who We Are

Omniserv Limited was formed in 2004 and is within the aviation vertical of ABM Industries (NYSE listed) a global provider of facilities management.

We provide a range of services to 100 plus airports globally, including the top 30 airports within the USA and 15 airports within the UK. Omniserv are established in the UK market with PRM operations at Heathrow and Glasgow and Security services at Manchester and Leeds Bradford Airports. Its Ambassador hosts programme at Heathrow elevates customer service and the recent acquisition of ‘Blackjack Promotions’, a market leader in retail management, enables Omniserv to enhance personal shopping, increasing passenger retail spend through promotions and experiential campaign. The Group employ over 100,000 staff and delivery ‘Legendary Service ‘ across a wide portfolio with global coverage.

  • Passenger Services
    • Persons with Reduced Mobility
    • Portering
    • Ambassador Hosts,
    • Retail Hosts ( Sales Promotions & Experiential Campaigns)
  • Security (Airline & Airports)
  • Aircraft Services (Baggage & Cargo Handling)
  • Cleaning (Aircraft & Facilities

With decades of combined experience in all facets of the aviation business, we share a dynamic and uniquely spirited culture. Enhanced by world-class processes and a service delivery system that drives team member productivity & performance against service level targets, we deliver superior and cost effective aviation services.

Our European Headquarters, chaired by Antony Marke, are conveniently situated at London’s Heathrow Airport. Antony brings years of highly respected security and aviation industry experience to the organisation.

Our Promise

At the heart of the OmniServ proposition is our Service Delivery Programme centred on our promise of Safety, Quality, Lower Cost and Enhanced Consumer Experience. OmniServ is the right partner to provide enhanced quality, continuous improvement and efficiencies.



Uniquely spirited culture


Benefits – Value for money

Quality – we measure it, we audit it, we report it and we act on it.

The customer experience and satisfaction drives revenue.

Productivity drives cost savings.

Safety ensures no major cost issues; no damage, no insurance costs for people and no aircraft out of service.

Cabin technology for warehouse to plane provisioning saves money.

Combined teams and central allocation maximise cost benefit.